Our Leadership


        1- Management Section


The center has a qualified leadership, specialized in the diagnosis, rehabilitation, and education of people with special needs. This is done in a way to ensure the realization of the vision, mission, objectives, and guidelines under which the center was created. An ambitious and well-focused management, working team, manages the center and include: 

 General Director 

 Executive and Technical Director 

 Educational / Academic supervisor 

 Residential section supervisor 

 Media and public relation Section (Media consultant – Media, Events and Public Relations Officer) 


       2- Administration and Finance section

(administrative supervisor –Accounting Supervisor - Accountant – Administration staffs – Secretaries – Representative). 

- Reception (Receptionist). 

- Heads of Therapeutic and Rehabilitation Sections (Heads of Sections Therapists-Specialists). 

- Physiotherapy section- occupational and sensory treatment section- language and pronunciation treatment section. 

- Technical and vocational rehabilitation section: diagnosis and assessment section. 


         3- Supportive Rehabilitation sections

- Counseling and guidance section 

- Nursing section 

- Physical and movement therapy section 

- Training section 

- Nursing, medical follow-up, and child care section 

- Additional services: cooks – drivers – guards – cleaners 


       4- Residential section

The Senses Centre is considered the first

center which has acquired specialist equipment for developing cognitive and sensory skills. Educational blocks and Smart Boards are used to develop attention, memory, skills of reading, math and expression and proper pronunciation.

The Senses Centre is considered the first center which has acquired this type of advanced equipment, specifically developed for these groups.

, the skills of reading and writing.self-reliance, independent skills and behavioral and fine motor, cognitive/perception, receptive and expressive language, social, emotional, largeSenses Centre have seven classes, which now offer educational academic programmes, in which individual educational plans are applied. These include all development areas such as





Our Children

Senses School accepts children with mild to severe and profound cases including multi-disability cases:

  • Physical disabilities, cerebral palsy

  • Mental retardation, Down Syndrome

  • Autism spectrum disorder

  • Disabled orphans


The centre is specially committed to take care of disabled orphans, based on the belief that their needs are unique.

Fulfilling those special needs rely on the provision of rehabilitative and educational programs. In addition to psychological support, self-care and nursing care are provided at the highest level of efficiency and quality.

Comprehensive and consistent quality care is ensured through an all-encompassing feeling of human warmth and compassion.



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